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May 16, 2016

(KCCI-TV Des Moines / Cynthia Fodor) An over-the-counter drug you might have in your medicine cabinet right now is causing concern for drug abuse prevention experts. The anti-diarrhea drug Imodium or loperamide is being linked to drug abuse. As KCCI told you last week, abuse of opioid painkillers or heroin...
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May 6, 2016

(KMEG TV Sioux City / Jaclyn Driscoll) A so-called safer alternative to smoking is raising new concerns as calls to the Iowa Poison Control Center have nearly doubled in the past two years. "One milliliter of this, which is basically just a sip for a child, they should go to...
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May 3, 2016

(KCCI-TV Des Moines/ Kim St. Onge) The number of electronic cigarette-related calls to the Iowa Poison Control Center has nearly doubled in the last two years. More than half of those calls are cases involving children under the age of 5. What do experts believe is the cause of the...
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